Professional Tree Care

Sun Country Boom Truck Tree Care Services


Tree Trimming:  Trimming improves the health, safety, and appearance of trees.

- Selective Pruning - Tree Thinning - Canopy Raising - Tree Reduction

Tree Removal:  Typically done as a last resort, tree removal can be beneficial for trees with health problems or trees in close proximity to structures or buildings.

Stump Grinding: Completing the tree removal process, stump grinding allows for a better property appearance and reduction of potential hazards.

Cabling: Providing additional strength to trees, cabling is generally done to trees that are leaning or trees with poor structures.

Fertilization: While maintaining the health of the tree, fertilizing can also prolong the life of the tree.

Olive Tree Spraying: Preventing the tree from blossoming and bearing fruit, olive tree spraying is an effective way to eliminate olive production.

Palm Tree Trimming: By removing damaged or dead fronds and flowers, annual palm tree trimming gives a clean and neat appearance to the palm.

Storm Damage Clean-up: Safely removing trees and debris after a storm in a timely manner minimizes damage to the property.